It started out as a dare, and then because the moment of truth. Everyone in the college dorm room that

doubled as a studio coerced Jeremy Lawrence to get on the mic as a dare that day in the Fall of 2006.

Not one to back down from a challenge, the Theater major attending the University of Tennessee at

Chattanooga got behind the mic and did what he still says was an "accidental" freestyle.

At the end of the verse, everyone in the room was screaming with shock and awe at the flow this skinny kid with braids and a 3.6 GPA had just dropped–

who’d never rapped before. They unanimously nicknamed him J. Flo.

Realizing he had a gift of storytelling, Flo began honing his skills as a lyricist and studying music, as

opposed to just listening to it and dancing (another talent he’ll happily demonstrate). Over a few years,

Flo continued to grow as a lyricist within his circle and as a man, and making the decision to take several

journeys to the next level–musically and more. These developments fueled his drive to become a true

artist even more and he took steps to make his dreams even more tangible.


In November, Flo dropped his first

project, One Verse, One Hearse;a collection of original tracks and clever revisions of the hottest songs of the season. With a combined total of approximately 6,000 views and

downloads steadily climbing,

along with 51,000 views on his promotional video, it’s without question that the forthcoming EP from

this humble soul with introspective existentialism is going to be worth the wait.

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Waitin' For the good, we done seen the bad...

Rapped for 20 n****s, they didnt even clap....

- J. Flo - G.2.G

"This the s**t I used to roll down Brainerd Rd with"

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